FWPC630 SMD Shielded Flat Wire Power Choke

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FWPC630 SMD Shielded Flat Wire Power Choke



  • Magnetically Shielded Construction.
  • Ultra High Saturation Current up to 14A.
  • Low DC Resistance.
  • Expanded operating temp range.
  • Suitable for pick and place


Inductance Range: 0.22µH to 33µH

Tolerance: 20% over entire range

Test Frequency : 100KHz, 0.25V

Operating Temp: -55ºC ~ +125ºC

Storage Temp: -55ºC ~ +125ºC

Irms: Current at which The Temperature would Rise by Approximately 40°C

Isat: Current at which The Inductance will Drop by Approximately 30% Under no condition should the part exceed 125°C

Resistance to Soldering Heat-:

Pre-Heat: 160ºC ±10°C

Solder Heat Resistance: 260ºC ± 5ºC for 10±1 sec.

Temp: 85°C ± 2°C


Packaging: 1500pcs per 13 inch reel

Marking: EIA Inductance Code

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